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Kim Atlantic Vattentäta Sneakers, Stl 30 (Sista par!)

Kim Atlantic Vattentäta Sneakers, Stl 30 (Sista par!)

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Ovandel: Läder / Vattentäta
Foder: Textil
Sula: Gummi


25 - 155 mm
26 - 160 mm
27 - 170 mm
28 - 175 mm
29 - 180 mm
30 - 190 mm
31 - 195 mm


Perfect shoes for spring! There are still wet days when the spring begins and you got to be ready with the shoes that breathe, but still water safe. These are the shoes you are looking for! 
Thanks to two velcro's  you can adjust the shoe to your foot so they sit on perfectly and of course there shoes are made of leather, so they are sturdy and at the same time breathable! 

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